How can you Keep your House Safe During your Summer Vacation?

Preparing for your summer vacation should be fun and exciting. You can spend time picking out a nice hotel, planning excursions and getting into the holiday spirit.
However, one aspect of your vacation may cast a shadow over your preparations: home security.
Leaving your property and possessions for a week or two (perhaps longer) is enough to inspire anxiety in anyone. The last thing you want is to spend your vacation worrying about what may or may not be happening back at home.
What can you do?
Read on for six expert tips to help you keep your home safe while you’re away on summer vacation.

  1. Make your home look occupied

    Would-be burglars or vandals are far less likely to target your home if they believe it’s occupied.
    There are numerous options available to you. First, you may want to give a neighbour a key and ask them to do a few things around the home:

    • Leave your lights on for a few hours in the evening
    • Bring in your mail
    • Water your plants
    • Draw your curtains at night

    All of the above will help to make your home look as occupied as usual.

  2. Tend to your lawn

    An overgrown lawn may be a clear sign that your home has been left empty.
    Make things easier and less risky by mowing it before you go away. Ask a neighbour to trim it while you’re on vacation to keep up appearances.
    Alternatively, if you hire a professional gardener to mow your lawn on a regular basis, pay in advance (if necessary) to ensure they continue their duties during your trip.

  3. Lock it down

    This may sound obvious, but it pays to double- and triple-check your locks.

    Try every window and door around the home. If you don’t use certain ones on a regular basis, it’s easy to overlook them and leave them unchecked.

    Deposit your keys with a neighbour and ask them to open a couple of windows from time to time, while they are tending to your property. This can help to reinforce the appearance of your home being inhabited.

    Of course, make sure you ask a neighbour you trust to actually lock the windows and doors properly afterwards. A trustworthy neighbour will take their responsibility seriously and no doubt expect you to repay the favour in the future.

  4. Beware of social media

    You’re excited to have booked a holiday. You want to tell the world about your upcoming two weeks in Japan or your beach house in Hawaii. It’s understandable.

    You head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share pictures of your destination. You tell everyone what date you’re going and for how long.

    It’s easily done.

    However, be warned: you never know who might be checking your social media. Unless you have your privacy settings set to the highest, anyone can read your posts and see exactly for how long you’ll be away.

    Avoid the temptation to show off on social media. Set your privacy to the maximum and consider adding pictures of your vacation when you get back.

  5. Consider your security

    Burglar alarms, surveillance cameras and lights can all make your home appear well-prepared for unwanted visitors.

    Consider having all of these installed on your property. It may cost a little money, but the investment can help to avoid heartbreak and costs to replace possessions down the line.

  6. Install tougher locks

    If you haven’t had your locks replaced in a long time, or still have the same set that came with the property at purchase, now is the time to have tough new locks installed.

    This can provide you with valuable reassurance and help to boost your overall home security. Approach your local emergency locksmith to discuss your options.

Follow the steps above to reinforce your home and keep it protected while you’re on vacation. You’ll be free to focus on having fun, relaxing and spending time with loved ones without unnecessary stress.